19.08.2013 Novosibirsk highway M-51 stole lives again

    This time five died

    Perhaps, each area has its ill-fated route. M-51 is such a route in Novosibirsk. There constantly happen accidents. At this time, several cars were involved in an accident.

    Yesterday (18.08.2013) at the second kilometer of "Northern bypass" of Novosibirsk at 11:00 am SUV Nissan Terrano flew into the opposite lane and collided with the Nissan Tiida. Tiida, has got a hit in the right wing, hit Skoda Fabia. A hatchback was thrown on the "Niva".

    The reasons why the SUV drove into the oncoming lane, is not yet known. However, all of the people who were in it were killed. Three on the spot, one – in the hospital.

    Passenger of Skoda Fabia also died on the spot. The driver of the ill-fated vehicle was hospitalized. Hу and a passenger of Nissan Tiida were carefully removed from the mangled body of the cars by personnel guard CPCH from TAP Novosibirsk region.

    Fabia’s driver was a man born in 1982, and passenger of Tiida was born 1984. All accident participants are now in the 25th Hospital of Novosibirsk and their medical condition is satisfactory.

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