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    26.05.2014 Innovative luxury aircraft HondaJet

    Honda has announced that their new aircraft HondaJet will go on sale next year. The jet priced at $4.5 million U.S. is intended to change the world of private aviation. Providing maximum speed of 777 km/h HondaJet is considered to be the most silent personal aircrafts and is capable to carry six to seven people.

    One of the distinctive features is its over-the-wing engine mount, while most of the small jet engines are mounted on the back. This is a real breakthrough in aviation after twenty years of intensive research and development. In addition HondaJet features the Natural Laminar Flow (NLF) technology that together with the over-the-wing engine mount allows increasing the cabin space, reducing noise and improving fuel economy.

    While most of business jets are made of aluminum, Honda uses a lighter yet strong carbon fiber composite fuselage. Honda Aircraft Company plans to produce and sell 70 to 100 such aircraft per year. The customer can choose exterior color: green, silver, red, yellow and blue.

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