06.11.2013 Versatile John Deere 3 Series compact utility tractors

    John Deere has launched updated models for its 3E and 3R Series compact utility tractors range: 3032E, 3038E, 3033R, 3039R and 3046R. The new machines feature high performance, the uptime, comfort and versatility. The compact size is ideally suited for work in limited jobsite space, while the tractors are available with a wide variety of tools.

    The 3E and 3R Series models are powered with Final Tier 4 engines producing from 32 to 46 hp. The hydrostatic transmission with Twin Touch Pedals is available, providing a comfortable two-pedal foot control. As an option, 3033R and 3039R models are equipped with PowrReverser transmission, allowing the operator to change directions with a hand lever without clutching.

    In addition, the 3R tractors are available with a hydrostatic transmission, MotionMatch system, LoadMatch and SpeedMatch systems.

    In any weather conditions operators of the 3R Series will feel comfortable in the ComfortGard Cab, protected from dust, dirt and clippings and equipped with climate control. The cabin provides 360-degree views, features forward work lights, windshield wipers, radio antenna and ROPS system.

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