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    18.07.2013 Racing Honda Mean Mower

    Reaching 60 mph at 4.0 seconds!

    What could be more boring than to cut the grass? Hold the handle and drive mower on the grass... However, your opinion will change dramatically when you find out what kind of mower has Honda released.

    It’s called Honda Mean Mower. And the main thing is that the maximum speed of the unit is 160 km/h, and it reaches first 100 km/h at 4.0 seconds.

    The cutting blade was taken from the conventional model HF2620, and the lawn mower itself was developed in cooperation with the racers from Team Dynamics. Lawn mower is equipped with an engine from Honda VTR 1000F Firestorm sportbike, which has a capacity of 110 hp. If to consider the power to weight ratio, then the mower gains unreal figure of 540 hp per ton. Honda Mean Mower weighs 140 kg.

    The motor is coupled with 6-speed transmission with paddle shifters. In order to keep the mower well in check, it was equipped with off-road heavy duty brake system.

    But let’s go back to the grass: the cutting blade has productivity in 24 km/h. Thus, it appears that the unit is more set to overtake supercars than to cut the grass. Although, the Japanese do not deny this. The main goal of the mower development was to build something, that has never been done before. And they still repelled from a motorcycle than from a lawn mower. In the words of the project manager Pete Kroll, to give a sportbike an appearance of lawn mower and to add there a cutting blade was not an easy task. Did they manage or not, it’s you to judge.

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