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    27.06.2014 Sealander amphibious camping trailer

    German designer Daniel Straub has developed a unique concept trailer Sealander with which you can both camp and sale. The Sealander is made for six people, which after installing the electric power turns into electric power boat.

    Thus, camping in your favorite places, you can not only enjoy the nature and camping but also fish.

    The floating trailer was already tested on the roads as well as water and is being prepared for production. Inside the Sealander features a table and seating for six people, which can easily transform into a large bed. Besides there is a cooking/washing module, as well as cooler, heater, toiled and sound system. The trailer weighs 400 kg and has a length of 389 cm, a width of 160 cm and a height of 185 cm, it is powered by the electric motor producing 5 hp.

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