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    05.07.2013 MIC-3924 "Bear"

    Armored family of MIC-3924 "Bear" - with reinforced armored mine-protected vehicles such as the Russian equivalent of MRAP - protected by mines and ambushes. MIC-3924 "Bear" is designed to order MIA jointly by the Department of wheeled vehicles Bauman. Bauman and "Military-engineering center `of the` military-industrial company" under the ROC BTR-BB (armored personnel carrier for the Internal Troops)

    "Bear" can be used as an armored personnel carrier chassis for anti-tank, mortar and other weapons systems, secure command and staff, scouting and patrol, medical, machine maintenance columns (as opposed to the APC, the SPM-3 can be used on public roads).

    The machine has a lifting body bonnet layout. The crew 2 people Troopers - up to 10 people. At the rear of the chassis are provided hinged doors for landing-landing. The bottom has a V-shape form, which helps to effectively dissipate the energy of the explosion. Mounting the machine is fully independent, torsion bar suspension is unified with BTR-90.

    In the transmission machinery used serial components and assemblies that are used in trucks family "Ural". The engine of the first prototype - JAMZ 7601 (diesel, six-cylinder, V-shaped, with a capacity of 300 hp) Claimed TBO cars 250,000 km, the engine - 800,000 km, which is higher than the corresponding figures most of wheeled and tracked armored vehicles. Power reserve is 1,400 km.

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