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    28.05.2014 Luxury sleeper train from JR West

    Japanese railway company JR West has announced a new luxury high-speed sleeper train with an open-air deck for passengers to take in the sights which will be launched in the spring 2017. The unique train will provide its passengers with the opportunity to enjoy traditional western Japan’s traditional arts, food and scenery.

    Designed for 30 passengers, the train consists of ten cars; six of them are sleeper cars. The most expensive car is given over to a luxury suite designed for a single person, including bedroom, sitting room, closets and bathing area. There is also a dining car, a lounge car and two viewing cars, located at both ends of the train to enjoy the beautiful views and breathe fresh air.

    Top-notch designers are being brought in to design the interior and exterior of the train and the menu is produced by a food columnist and editorial adviser Takeshi Kadokami. The train will be painted in green to blend in with the surrounding scenery.

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