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    11.07.2014 Russia One - new tram of the future

    At the INNOPROM 2014 in Russian Yekaterinburg Russian tank and train maker Uralvagonzavod (UVZ) has unveiled its prototype of the next-generation Russia One tram (R1). The futuristic tram has the form of crystal, according to Alexei Maslov of industrial design firm Atom, it is a priceless stone in a metal shell, which while moving will assimilate into any landscape for example modern buildings, industrial zone or forest.

    One of the innovations is the overhanging nose of the tram. First of all, the tram average speed is 24 kilometers per hour, and it negates the need for super aerodynamics, secondly, the tilt cab gives the driver a 30 percent wider view, reducing the risk of running over pedestrians. Depending on its modification R1 can hold from 190 to 270 passengers.

    It is planned that mass production of the R1 will start in 2015; the Sverdlovsk regional government, the Yekaterinburg city administration and UVZ have signed a partnership agreement on electric transport.

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