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    10.10.2012 The head of Cadillac was changed

    General Motors Co. plans to make a fresh approach to the luxury brand of Cadillac by releasing sportcars and ... by the appointment of the new head of the brand from lobbyists. He will have to raise the Cadillac from his knees and elevate it above the entire line of GM.

    In 1997 the Cadillac vehicles were the best-sellers in America among the luxury brands. As for now, GM tries to return the previous glory. Of course, that won’t be so easy and GM will do a hard work. The updated Cadillac models will be imbued with the spirit of luxury and glamour thoroughly. Perhaps, the customers, mostly women, will give the Cadillac one more chance.

    53, Robert Ferguson was appointed the vice-president of the Cadillac. His career at GM starts in 2010 as telecommunication executive. Later, he was appointed vice president for global public policy.

    In the role as vice president, global Cadillac Robert Ferguson will be responsible for marketing, advertising for Cadillac around the world and, of course, for sale rates.

    In his interview, a new vice president confirmed the development of the new flagship sedan. It is going to be a very attractive car. The manufacturing of sportscars is under the consideration.

    We can expect a full update of Cadillac range by 2015. At this moment the concern is busy upgrading the Escalade SUV, which is going to have a unique interior. As for now it doesn’t distinguishes much from the other GM SUVs.

    At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this will be a special exhibit space for the Cadillac, which will be separate from the other GM vehicles.

    Cadillac recently presented the updated XTS, ATS and SRX, and is now working on plug-in coupe CTS and ELR.

    Robert Ferguson marked Japanese and German luxury brands as competitors. Ford Lincoln - did not seem to match.

    Cadillac will be mostly built in China. The goal – is the growing luxury market of China.

    Well, Robert Ferguson got the ruined kingdom. At the moment there is only 1 Cadillac of 20 sold GMs, and Cadillac sales decline and decay year to year. It is associated with the stopping of DTS and STS production.

    We wish Robert Ferguson to cope with the task.

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