07.08.2013 Turkish scorpion: Akrep Otokar

    Its advantage is not a sting, but speed

    We are glad to introduce to you a newest light armored vehicle Akrep (or Scorpion), developed by the Turkish concern Otokar.

    Armored vehicle with dimensions 4190mm/2500mm/2080mm is equipped with all-wheel drive (4x4) and has an armored body. In order to withstand the weight of the armor, the carrying base of the vehicle has been strengthened. In total APC weighs 3600 kg. The main mission of the armored car is transportation of infantry through the possible place of firing at a fairly high speed (125 km/h, the engine power is 134 hp). Armor can protect passengers from the 7.62 mm bullets, from the explosion of mines and grenades. The APC is equipped by 7.62 mm machinegun and has side slots on the sides of the body to fire out of the car.

    In addition to the main purpose, the car can be used in peacetime as an internal security car. In the army Akrep can serve as escort vehicles and airport security, police, team, engineering, and medical vehicle.

    "Turkish scorpion" is designed for 8 people – two crew members and six passengers. The car is equipped with night vision system, air conditioning, fire-fighting. In the passenger compartment there installed heating system and defogger. Mileage is 650 kilometers.

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