26.06.2014 Liebherr armored crane G-BKF

    For the German Army Liebherr has developed a four axle armored crane rescue vehicle G-BKF. Model G-BKF is designed for rescue operations and towing of the new generation of armored control and command vehicles and armoured transport vehicles. Also, the machine is able to provide repair and handling support and tactical infantry cover over long distances.

    The G-BKF is equipped with a 20.9-meter telescopic boom and its capacity is 20 tonnes. It is mounted on a four-axle all terrain crane chassis. The machine features all-wheel steering and is powered by a Liebherr D946TI diesel engine. The crane is equipped with two winches and has a 16 tonne towing capacity. It can be controlled both from the cab and via remote control.

    One of the most important G-BKF tasks is to protect its occupants, so the driver`s cab and the crane operator cabin feature the latest military technology of the company Rheinmetall Defence. As a result both cabins are made from a double-thickness steel bulkhead and have special glass offering ballistic protection. In general, the vehicle has been verified to STANAG 4569/ AEP 55.

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