Terminal equipment

    05.07.2013 DEK cranes

    Patented solutions combine the traditional strengths of quality hydraulic and diesel-electric cranes DEK:

    ● High accuracy and smoothness of construction operations;

    ● Simple and reliable design, maximum load characteristics for this class of crane, high safety and performance of the work;

    ● Installation without additional lifting equipment;

    ● Unique engineering solutions minimize the costs of the operation;

    ● Modular design:

    - 15 m main boom inserts increases up to 35 m with a threadless finger joints;
    - Hard jib 5m and 10m to optimize the speed of lifting loads of up to 8m and 4m, respectively;
    - To work near tall buildings completed shunting jib of 15 m or 20 m;
    - Power supply from the diesel generating station on the basis of engine capacity of 90kW, and from the external power supply 380V 50Hz;
    - Generating sets can be used for a wide range of business needs, or as an additional source of electrical energy; Able to work in all weather conditions.

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